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A: Vocabulary

I. Fill in the blanks using the following list.

extinction - rattling – flexible  - reasonable – message – expression - survived - forecasted - concerned   

1. If I'm not there when you phone, leave me a      …        .

2. The           …            of the dinosaurs occurred millions of years ago.

3. The open windows were      …      all night because of the wind.

4. My father smokes a lot. I'm a little           …         about his health.

5. I could tell from the sad        …         on her face that something serious had happened.      

6. If you tell him what happened, I'm sure he'll understand. He is a       …            man.

7. Temperatures are                  …           to reach 50°C in southern cities this summer.

8. Children usually have            …            bodies since they can bend and stretch easily.


II. Fill in the blanks in following sentences with your own appropriate words.

9. If you want to lose weight, you have to start regular              …         at a club.

10. Your heart is one hardworking part of your body pumping           …         every day of your life.

11. Crossing your arms, leaning against a wall, or tapping a pen might be         …         to your audience.

12. We need to use energy wisely if we want to slow down the process of          …            warming.

13. You can help control global warming by using            …             transportation.

14. The plates of the crust float on the soft, plastic           …              below the crust.   

III. Match the words in column A with the definitions in column B.



15. smoothly

16. float

17. cause 

18. climate

19. concentrate

20. increase

a. to (make something) become larger in amount or size

b. put arms and legs out straight

c. give all your attention to sth

d. stay on the surface of a liquid such as water

e. general weather of a place over a period of time

f. without any sudden movements or changes

h. make sth happen

B: Structure

I. Underline the correct word.

21. There were some children (playing / played) in the school yard.

22. The photographs (taking / taken) of the Earth were wonderful.

23. The accident wasn't serious. There was nobody (injuring / injured).

24. The scientists (researching / researched) the causes of the climate change are making progress.

II. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with an appropriate word from the box below.     

as – when –  since – so – such a – enough – too – let – made – helps –  force – allow  

25. He didn't feel well                 …              to go to work this morning.

26. I am afraid. I'm               …                busy to talk to you now.

27. She spoke English           …        well that you would think it was her mother tongue.

28. It was              …              boring film that I fell asleep while I was watching it.

29. He is a grown man. You can't                 …               him to make a decision.

30. I am sure that her parents wouldn't              …               her to go out alone.

31. The teacher              …              all the students give a lecture during the term.

32. She will not             …              anyone smoke in the room.

33. Good eye contact               …             your audience to feel more relaxed.

34.         …             none of us had a watch, we didn't know what time it is.

35. Can I borrow your book                  …                   you have finished it?

36. I saw him            …             I was coming into the building.     

C: Functions

What're the Functions used in the following sentences?


37. Skull is the bony part of the head that protects the brain. 

a. Instructing                         b. Describing                        c. Defining                d. Restating

38. Exercise makes you feel proud. In other words, when you're stronger you feel better about yourself.

a. Instructing                         b. Describing                        c. Defining                d. Restating

39. Do some deep breathing exercise before your speech.

a. Instructing             b. Defining                            c. Restating               d. Explaining

40. Fear is sometimes good since it keeps us safe.

a. Instructing             b. Defining                            c. Restating               d. Explaining  


D: Reading Comprehension

I. Sentence Comprehension

Read the following sentences and then choose the best choice.


"Scientists are sure about the greenhouse effect. They know that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane make the earth warmer. They do so by trapping heat in the atmosphere."

41. The word "so" in the last sentence refers to    …            .

a.      knowing the greenhouse effect

b.     making the earth warmer

c.     trapping the heat in the atmosphere

d.     being sure about greenhouse effect



 "It is thought that about 700 shocks each year are destructive when they occur in a populated area. Luckily, most of these destructive earthquakes occur in less populated places."

42. Based on the above sentences     …           .

a.      the number of the destructive earthquakes in populated places are very high

b.     about 700 destructive earthquakes each year happen in a populated area

c.     about 700 destructive earthquakes each year occur in less populated areas

d.     fortunately, most of destructive earthquakes are predictable


"Involve your audience by asking questions, talking to them directly, and getting them interested. This helps build a relaxed relationship with your audience. Involve the audience by using attractive opening sentences, or by asking for help from the audience."

43. According to the above sentences, which of the followings is not correct?

a.      avoiding irrelevant speaking

b.     starting our speech with interesting sentences

c.     building positive relationship with the audience

d.     not letting the audience take part in the presentation


"The Earth could get warmer by itself, without help from people. Many climate scientists think that there is another reason for the change in temperature. They think that human activities like cutting down the trees, producing trash, and burning fossil fuel are helping make the Earth warmer."

44.  Based on the above sentences      …              .

a.      human activities is the only reason for the global warming

b.     it seems that human activities is the main reason for the global warming

c.     it seems that it is impossible for the Earth to get warmer by itself

d.     scientists don't know what the reason for global warming is


II. Cloze Passage

Read the following passage carefully and then fill in the blanks with the best choice.

            Ground movement during an earthquake is almost never direct      45      of death or injury. Most injuries result from falling walls, flying glass, and     46    objects as a result of the ground        47      , or people trying to move more than a few feet during the shaking. Much of the damage in earthquakes is        48      and preventable.

The best protection during an earthquake is to get      49     heavy furniture such as a desk, table, or bench. The greatest      50       is directly outside buildings, at exits, and alongside outer walls  

45. a. cause              b. damage                 c. result                      d. protection

46. a. shaking           b. damaging c. predicting d. falling 

47. a. moving            b. shaking                 c. rattling                    d. carrying

48. a. available         b. predictable            c. recyclable d. probable

49. a. above              b. near                        c. inside                     d. under

50. a. injury               b. procedure              c. danger                   d. damage

III. Passage Comprehension

Read the following text and then answer the questions.

            Have ever seen a greenhouse? Most greenhouses look like a small glass house.

Greenhouses are used to grow plants, especially in the winter. Greenhouses work by trapping heat from the sun. The glass surface of the greenhouse lets light in but keeps heat from getting out. This keeps the plants warm enough to live in the winter. The earth's atmosphere is all around us and is the air that we breathe. The atmosphere works like a greenhouse, too. The sun makes the earth warm. The earth sends some heat back into space, and that helps keep the earth from getting too hot. Most of the earth's heat is trapped by the atmosphere. Like the glass roof of a greenhouse, the atmosphere keeps most of the heat from going back into space. The fact that the atmosphere traps heat is called the "greenhouse effect". It's similar to what happens in a greenhouse. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would not be warm enough for humans to live. But if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it could make the earth warmer than usual. The point is that even a little extra warming may cause problems for humans, plants and animals.

51. A greenhouse is where    …         .

a. harmful gases are produced

b. plants needing warmth are grown

c. we can peacefully breathe

d. dangerous gases go into effect

52. The atmosphere is similar to a greenhouse since it     …       .

a. helps plants absorb heat

b. is made of glass

c. traps heat

d. has harmful effect

53. Without the greenhouse effect,      …            .

a. there would be no life on the earth

b. plants would grow normally

c. there would be no pollution

d. the earth would be too hot to live on

54. A small increase in the earth's temperature     …         .

a. may put our lives in danger  

b. can make the greenhouse effect stronger

c. can be ignored

d. may cause the heat go back into space


                                                   Good Luck!



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